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Animetrics Receives Patents for Face Recognition Biometrics and Computer Vision of 3D Face Creation

Conway, NH - February 24, 2010 - Animetrics Inc., a face recognition biometric solution provider, has been granted patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patents entitled, "Facial Recognition System and Method", "Generation of Image Database for Multifeatured Objects", and "Viewpoint-Invariant Image Matching and Generation of 3D Models from 2D Imagery" are breakthrough technologies which are already revolutionizing the face biometric for use in security, surveillance, and computer vision.
"For the face biometric use in border control, in-the-field identification, and military operations our patents are 'game changers' and we have several more on the way", said Paul Schuepp, President and CEO of Animetrics. "US government tests by DARPA and NIST have shown that the face biometric for matching in non studio conditions where the face is not controlled and its appearance is compromised by pose and illumination show unacceptable performance. These patents cover Animetrics 2D-3D FacengineTM which enable biometric matching of the face in more difficult conditions than ever before. This opens up a wealth of opportunities and applications for us and for the market." described Dr. Michael Miller, Chairman and Founder.
The technology covered by the patents specifically provide methods for (i) generation of 3D models from arbitrary numbers of uncalibrated photographs at any orientation and scale, and (ii) generating databases from 3D models for use in biometric systems for training or for recognition, and (iii) face recognition systems based on normalization using 3D models.
Animetrics has been a leader in facial biometric technologies since 2003. It is known for its 2D-3D face creation and Animetrics90TM face recognition products. The company is in the process of implementing a facial surveillance system for US Army. The 2D-3D facial creation technology is also available in Animetrics ForensicaTM product line which is now being used by US government intelligence community and forensics in law enforcement.
Udo Woermann, law enforcement forensic and biometric expert and President of UNIDAS (www.unidas.com) said, "It's impressive to see Animetrics 2D to 3D algorithms extract accurate 3D facial geometries from common 2D images." UNIDAS will implement this powerful technology into its I.S.I.S. Law Enforcement Application Suite to open the 3D world for the facial identification process in anti-terror and police investigations.
About Animetrics
Headquartered in Conway, N.H., Animetrics is a leading developer of cloud-based web service facial search and retrieval applications. The Animetrics90 and Animetrics180 product family is the first come-to-market 2D-3D enabled full 90 degree and 180 degree facial search engine. Based on three patents, the 2D-3D FACEngineTM technology allows for pose and lighting invariant facial search across a broad range of operating conditions. Animetrics is driving market acceptance of facial recognition biometrics in government, homeland security, law enforcement, and now with its recent consumer release of its FaceRTM line, mobile platforms as well, including iPhone and Windows Mobile devices. For more information visit http://www.animetrics.com.