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Scientific Definitions

Anatomic Diffeomorphic Mapping (ADM)

A technique by which 3-dimensional objects that are not additive are manipulated and modified. For example, to change a small chair into a large chair, you cannot add another chair, you must transform it. Diffeomorphic Mapping is the mathematical method to do this. The deformations do not simply scale the object, but can also perform detail changes, or small deformations.
Animetrics has a patent-pending solution that uses diffeomorphic maps to generate realistic, accurate, fully structured and defined 3-dimensional avatars from a single 2-dimensional photographic view.

Infinite Vector Space Environment Mapping (IVEM)

A patent-pending solution that compensates for variation in environmental lighting conditions. IVEM is a breakthrough technology that can actually map light on a surface from an unlimited number of sources.
Our ability to correct lighting variation in facial identification is far better than competing systems, which are 2-dimensional and assume there are discreet light sources. IVEM also allows our tracking technologies to work under practically any lighting condition.


2-Dimensional Image Feature analysis examines details and patterns in facial imagery to provide local information about facial features with incredible precision. Able to localize features with pixel-level accuracy, 2DIF is critical to Animetrics Persona avatar generation and GeoNorm + PhotoNorm image optimization systems.

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