Management Team

Paul Schuepp - President and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Schuepp joined Animetrics in 2003 to transition the company from pure technology to a facial biometric solutions leader today. Mr. Schuepp has 30 years experience in Information Technology and Telecom, primarily in sales and business development, where he grew business at Snowshore Networks, Lucent Technologies, Ascend Communications, Stratus Computer and IBM. He has a proven track record developing new
business channels for high tech products and in international sales.
Prior to joining Animetrics, Schuepp opened sales offices of distribution in Japan, China and Korea for Snowshore Networks. While Vice President of North American Sales for Lucent Technologies, revenue in his territory, Emerging Service Providers, increased by $500 million. At Stratus Computer, Mr. Schuepp was Vice President of Worldwide Channels, and grew sales to over $200 million, representing more than one third of the company's total revenue.
As President and Chief Executive Officer of Animetrics, he is responsible for executing the company's marketing and sales strategy, raising investment capital and strategic planning.
Dr. Michael I. Miller - Chairman of the Board, Chief Scientist and Founder
Dr. Miller founded Animetrics in 2002 with the idea of applying his imaging technology invention to facial biometrics. He is also currently the Director of Imaging Science at Johns Hopkins University. He is the Seder Professor of Biomedical Engineering and also a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
A recognized leader and pioneer in areas of image understanding, pattern theory, computer vision, medical imaging, and computational neuroscience, and is the co-inventor of Computational Anatomy. Dr. Miller has authored over one hundred peer-reviewed publications in magnetic resonance imaging, brain imaging, jump-diffusion processes in image understanding, and Computational Anatomy.
In 2002 Dr. Miller was recognized by ISI Essential Science Indicators for Citations in the Field of Engineering. In 2001 he was named International Man of the Year for contributions to Science by Cambridge Biographical. In 1986 Dr. Miller was one of fifty to one hundred young scientists selected by the National Science Foundation as a National Presidential Awardee for their future promise to the advancement of American Science. Dr. Miller received the Johns Hopkins Paul Ehrlich Graduate Student Thesis Award in 1983 and the national IEEE Biomedical Engineering Thesis Award first prize in 1982.
As Animetrics Chief Scientist Dr. Miller provides the IP, strategy and architecture for Animetrics research and development of the products.
Dr. Marc A. Vaillant - Chief Architect, Director Engineering
Dr. Vaillant joined Animetrics after completing his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University.
His dissertation was on diffeomorphic surface matching and tangent space representations. Vaillant also received an MSE and BS in Biomedical Engineering. As a researcher at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Vaillant worked with Dr. Michael Miller on the design and implementation of surface matching algorithms and methodologies for cortical registration and analysis using spherical representations.
Dr. Vaillant is responsible for Animetrics core technologies, implementation and architecture strategy.
Senior Staff

Dr. Guoqiang "Gary" Zang - Scientist
Dr. Zang joined Animetrics in February 2004 after completing his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University. His dissertation research was on the fundamental limitations in control system design. He received his MS in Computer Science and his MS in Applied Math from the University of Minnesota, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Shandong University, China.
Dr. Zang is one of Animetrics' principle scientific programmers in the development of our technologies. He is a proven top programmer in graphics, signal processing, mathematics and artificial intelligence.
Dr. Carey Priebe - Principal Scientist
Dr. Priebe, a leading expert in classifier design and nonparametric statistics, joined Animetrics in October 2005. He is also a professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. At Johns Hopkins, he holds joint appointments in the Department of Computer Science and the Center for Imaging Science. He is a past President of the Interface Foundation of North America - Computing Science & Statistics, a past Chair of the Section on Statistical Computing of the American Statistical Association, and on the editorial boards of Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, and Computational Statistics.
His research interests are in computational statistics, kernel and mixture estimates, statistical pattern recognition, statistical image analysis, and statistical inference for high-dimensional and graph data. He was elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association in 2002.
As principal scientist at Animetrics, Dr. Priebe is responsible for the development of face recognition algorithms.

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