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What Customers are saying about Animetrics 2D to 3D face technology products:
...from US Army for Biometric Intelligence Systems
The BAT system today serves the Army and Marine Corps abroad in helping to identify high interest subjects and Animetrics 2D to 3D technology will allow our intelligence officers to better visualize persons of interest in theaters of operation," said Kathy Debolt, Deputy Director of Forensics and Biometrics for the U.S. Army, Fort Huachuca.
..from i-Fashion Technology for on-line clothing shopping
Said Dr. Chang Kyu Park, Director of the i-Fashion Technology Center, "We see this technology as being an enabler for faster, cheaper and a more enjoyable shopping experience. Consumers really like the accuracy and look of their avatar virtual body. Animetrics personalizes the entire customer experience with a beautiful 3D visualization of their face. "
...from DUOS Technologies for video security
"Animetrics brings a new level of accuracy to the process of facial identification, one of the more challenging tasks in a video security application," said Gianni Arcaini, Chairman and CEO of Duos. "When we integrate Animetrics' core products into our existing systems, we can provide our customers with a comprehensive security solution that includes the technology to identify persons of interest in an uncontrolled or non-compliant security environment."
...from National Institute of Science Investigation, Korea, for law enforcement
"The potential use for police agencies that find and attempt to identify suspects would be a giant step forward in the investigation process," said NISI lead forensic scientist, Dr. J. Lee.
...from Amberview for missing children
"Statistics show that the first three hours from when an abduction occurs are the most critical", said Robert Chico, AmberView Program Manager. "Having a 3-D view available to the public enables the child to be viewed from varied angles, making positive identification easier and faster. After evaluating several solutions, we found Animetrics 2-D to 3-D technology to be the most effective", added Chico.
...from National Geographic for forensic science
"National Geographic selected Animetrics for its proven ability to provide accurate 3D facial images based on 2D input of photographs of faces and skulls", says Simon Boyce, NGC producer.
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