FREE 30-DAY TRIAL of ForensicaGPS

police forensicagps facial recognitionAnimetrics Investigative Face Biometric Solution

FOR A LIMITED TIME, Animetrics is offering a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL of FORENSICAGPS - the company’s breakthrough investigative facial recognition solution. ForensicaGPS gives law enforcement professionals access to a powerful new investigative tool to identify suspects with more speed and accuracy. Eligibility requirements apply. Learn more

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Promo Offer – $750 Value

  • FREE 30-Day Trial: One software license of Animetrics’ ForensicaGPS for 30 days
  • FREE TRAINING & DEMO: One 30-minute introductory training and demo session on ForensicaGPS with Animetrics’ face recognition experts
  • FREE WEBINAR: Watch Animetrics’ webinar webcast: Investigative Face Biometrics Technology for Law Enforcement and Animetrics’ ForensicaGPS[/box]
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