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Animetrics90 consists of a family of products designed for analyzing, searching and manipulating facial images and facial databases from any camera in real time. The Animetrics90 products provide a complete solution and identity applications via the Face Identity Management System, FIMS. FIMS presents the applications for ID verification, real time watchlist matching, mobile ID and free-form search. The Animetrics90 product line has been developed to serve a number of different industries and applications, and leverages Web 2.0 technologies to allow for the use of almost any photographic and video input devices and allowing access to the system from almost any platform. Whether you require an access system using existing video equipment, need to automatically identify people banned from a building or facility, deploy transparent tools to identify suspects off a watch list using a common cell phone, or enhance and manipulate facial imagery in new and powerful ways, the Animetrics90 products provide compelling solutions.

Animetrics90 FIMS currently supports one-to-one identity verification, watchlist matching, database search, mobile surveillance via PDAs and mobile phones, and 3D avatar generation and visualization.

The Technology of Animetrics90

The Animetrics90 facial recognition system is designed to accommodate images where the yaw rotation of the face (rotation about the vertical, or y-axis) is +/- 45 degrees or as long as both eyes are visible in the image plane. Animetrics90 implements 2D-3D normalization through the generation of the 3D model for every image processed by the system. The 3D model is generated through the use of an a priori mathematical model of faces generally, advanced image analysis and feature extraction, and advanced techniques for deriving precise pose (or rotation) estimates from an input image. The combination of these three technologies allows for the coherent normalization of a much wider range of facial imagery than existing system, and extends the notion of frontal imagery from "straight ahead" to "can I see your eyes?".




Animetrics90 Watch

FIMS WatchDesigned to operate with today’s digital and IP Camera systems, FIMS Watch quickly identifies persons of interest with Animetrics’ advanced facial biometrics and 2D-to-3D technologies.  Faces that are logged are correlated with the FIMS Watch database. FIMS provides real time frame rate head detection coupled to saliency decision making – scoring each frame in the video sequence according to its efficacy for ID. Processing time from saliency to ID takes only 2 seconds for watchlists of up to 100,000 enrollments. FIMS Watch seamlessly attaches to IP Cameras to minimize deployment complexity and reduce total cost of ownership.

Animetrics90 Mobile ID

FIMS MobileThe face biometric is now mobile and ultimately convenient and practical.  FIMS Mobile was developed to address the unique needs of law enforcement, private security and military personnel.  Utilizing off-the-shelf mobile devices (including standard cell phones), FIMS Mobile enables users to take a picture which is then transferred wirelessly to the FIMS Watch system. Since all FIMS applications are web-enabled, FIMS Mobile can also serve as a gateway to the IP camera-based FIMS Watch.

Animetrics90 Access

FIMS AccessFIMS Access allows companies to use face as an identifying factor in access control. FIMS Access provides companies with a cost-effective biometric access control system that is non intrusive and easy to use.  Verification of an authorized person is accomplished with high accuracy because of the Animetrics 2D to 3D technology used on every photo or video frame to be verified against a person’s enrollment. 

Animetrics90 Video Analyzer

FIMS Video AnalyzerAnimetrics can work with saved video files in almost any format. Each frame is analyzed for saliency and ids are processed and stored for easy retrieval later. 

Animetrics90 Search

FIMS SearchFacial images abound in on our computers and databases.  With FIMS Search administrators or end users can upload, scan and then search for these images on any database.  FIMS Search can search databases of thousands of images in mere seconds.


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