FACEngine™ SetLight corrects for varied lighting conditions to normalize the representation of a facial image taken under adverse lighting conditions. Animetrics technology generates a 3D "map" of light intensities, providing a very realistic and accurate representation of lighting as opposed to conventional methods which use discrete light sources ("guessing" where the major lighting sources may be coming from). The combination of Animetrics Image Surface Dense Matching (ISDM) algorithms and flexible Infinite Vector Space Environment Mapping make it possible to accurately and robustly correct lighting effects.
Precision3D Real-Time Facial Tracking.

Input Video Estimated Pose with Lighting Reproduction Estimated Pose with Lighting Correction

SetLight solves a well-known problem in facial recognition and as identified by the FRVT (Facial Recognition Vendor Test) 2002. Inadequate lighting has accounted for major identification problems - especially false matches. Applications most vulnerable to lighting are those that are non-controlled such as video surveillance, border control, and airport security. SetLight enables accuracy in these environments by normalizing the lighting condition.

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