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Animetrics Introduces 3D Imaging Tool to "Solve Faces" in Surveillance Video and Photographs

JACKSON, NH - October 11, 2005 - Animetrics, Inc., a leading developer of 3D imaging and facial recognition software, announced the commercial release of Forensica, a facial creation tool designed for Windows XP to help law enforcement "solve faces" during the investigative process. Forensica utilizes multiple photographs or a single photograph from 2D snapshot cameras or video frames to create a very realistic 3-Dimensional view of a person's head. "The wide deployment of video surveillance cameras, internet as a source of photographs, and police mug shot databases has driven the need for this type of tool", says Lisa Ludwig, Animetrics Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. "Many of the photographs we're talking about are not studio quality; they are challenging not only to the human eye, but also to computer based face recognition systems. Forensica addresses both situations creating a life-like 3D head enabling it to be ID-Ready for human or computer based face recognition", added Ludwig.
To enable quick dissemination of information amongst officers and investigators, Forensica can automatically generate a video of a 3D rotating face in addition to a full gallery of an individual at varied degrees of poses. "The ability to provide real-world applications takes Animetrics to a new level", says Paul Schuepp, Animetrics President and CEO. "We initially introduced ground breaking 3D technology in the form of SDKs. Now we are building applications based on those technologies. Forensica is just the beginning. Law enforcement officials and organizations in support of missing children are very excited about Forensica's technology and optimistic about the use of 3D visualization in helping a necessary cause." For more information about Forensica or a price quote, contact Animetrics at 603-383-4200.
About Animetrics Inc.
Animetrics Inc. is a leading developer of 3D imaging for facial biometric systems. Utilizing breakthrough technology, Animetrics products solve critical issues associated with facial recognition including variations in pose and lighting. Powered by Animetrics FACEngine® technology the company's core algorithms are comprised of five patent-pending technologies forming the basis for next-generation 3-dimensional facial recognition applications. Given the accuracy of its patented 3D imaging technology, Animetrics is driving market acceptance of facial recognition biometrics in government, homeland security and law enforcement applications. Animetrics is headquartered in Conway, N.H. For more information visit www.animetrics.com

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