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Animetrics Facial Imaging Software Selected for AmberView

JACKSON, NH - March 14, 2006 - Animetrics, Inc., a leading developer of 3-D imaging and facial recognition software, announced today that it has been selected to provide its Forensica 2-D to 3-D facial imaging software to the West Virginia High Technology Foundation (WVHTF) for the AmberView program. Developed to speed the recovery of missing or

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abducted children, the AmberView program has received approximately $1 million in federal funding. Animetrics software will be used to convert 2-D school photographs to 3-D images for video files or galleries. These video files and galleries may then be added to Amber Alerts that are issued to law enforcement agencies, television stations and other sources to facilitate identification of a child.
"Statistics show that the first three hours from when an abduction occurs are the most critical", said Robert Chico, AmberView Program Manager. "Having a 3-D view available to the public enables the child to be viewed from varied angles, making positive identification easier and faster. After evaluating several solutions, we found Animetrics 2-D to 3-D technology to be the most effective", added Chico.
"We are thrilled that our software has been selected for AmberView. It is a wonderful opportunity to unite leading-edge technology with a beneficial cause - the recovery of missing children", said Lisa Ludwig, Animetrics Vice President of Marketing and Business Development.
Forensica is a Microsoft Windows based facial imaging tool designed to "solve" faces. It utilizes up to three photographs or just a single photograph from 2-D snapshot cameras or video frames to create a very realistic 3-D view of a person's head. On screen, the face can be rotated and enlarged. The 3D view can be output into a video file and a gallery with multiple views of a person's face.
About Animetrics Inc.
Animetrics Inc. is a leading developer of 3D imaging for facial biometric systems. Utilizing breakthrough technology, Animetrics products solve critical issues associated with facial recognition including variations in pose and lighting. Powered by Animetrics FACEngine® technology the company's core algorithms are comprised of five patent-pending technologies forming the basis for next-generation 3-dimensional facial recognition applications. Given the accuracy of its patented 3D imaging technology, Animetrics is driving market acceptance of facial recognition biometrics in government, homeland security and law enforcement applications. Animetrics is headquartered in Conway, N.H. For more information visit www.animetrics.com
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