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Animetrics® Announces Animetrics90
Industry's First 2D to 3D Facial Recognition Technology

Baltimore - September 11, 2007 - Animetrics, the leading developer of facial recognition technology, today announced the availability of its Animetrics90 product line, the most advanced facial recognition software currently available. Animetrics90 makes 2D to 3D facial recognition possible for the first time in the history of facial recognition.
Animetrics90 consists of five separate modules that give companies the power to accurately analyze and identify uncontrolled imagery. Using proprietary FACEngine® technology, Animetrics90 can detect and identify faces with up to 45 degrees head rotation - an industry first. In addition, the technology normalizes facial imagery, converting it to 3D geometry, thus making it possible to normalize, process and identify all facial imagery.
Animetrics90 is currently being tested by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for future use in military operations. "The accuracy results we have seen tested under a DARPA project proves this to be viable for use in military field operations where the uncontrolled environment yields the most difficult conditions under which to process facial imagery," said Paul Schuepp, Animetrics president and CEO.
Traditional facial identification systems cannot process uncontrolled imagery or match them to images stored in a database. Animetrics90 employs a powerful array of complex algorithms that help the technology identify any image, including those taken on less than ideal photographic equipment such as cell phones and other PDA devices.
"This technology will allow companies, governments and global law enforcement personnel to take low quality images and match them to a watch list. Until now, this could not be accomplished using today's technology," said Animetrics founder Dr. Michael Miller.
In addition to processing uncontrolled imagery, Animetrics90 offers a set of SDKs (Software Development Kits) for those organizations that want to take advantage of the powerful FACEngine® technology for applications such as surveillance, access control and database searches. This will allow professional programmers and Animetrics VARs to develop additional tools and applications for the industry.
About Animetrics Inc.
Animetrics Inc. is a leading developer of 3D imaging for facial biometric systems. Utilizing breakthrough technology, Animetrics products solve critical issues associated with facial recognition including variations in pose and lighting. Powered by Animetrics FACEngine® technology the company's core algorithms are comprised of five patent-pending technologies forming the basis for next-generation 3-dimensional facial recognition applications. Given the accuracy of its patented 3D imaging technology, Animetrics is driving market acceptance of facial recognition biometrics in government, homeland security and law enforcement applications. Animetrics is headquartered in Conway, N.H. For more information visit www.animetrics.com


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