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Korean National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NISI) Purchases Animetrics 2D to 3D Facial Biometrics Products

Seoul, South Korea - March 13, 2008 - Animetrics, a leading developer of 2D to 3D imaging for facial biometric systems, today announced that the National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NISI), the "CSI" of the Republic of Korea, has purchased Animetrics' ForensicaTM and Animetrics90 FaceWatch facial recognition biometric products.
NISI's research and development group initiated a project to exploit Animetrics 2D to 3D technology and capabilities for both face recognition biometrics and for face creation and computer visualization applications. NISI is well known in Korea for advancing the law enforcement use and capabilities of forensic science. "The opportunity to have a state of the art forensic investigation agency explore the capabilities of Animetrics is both an honor and a testimony to the applications our technologies are now enabling," said Paul Schuepp, CEO of Animetrics.
NISI selected Animetrics' products because of the biometric accuracy and stunning 3D synthesis of faces created from only a single photograph. "The potential use for police agencies that find and attempt to identify suspects would be a giant step forward in the investigation process," said NISI lead forensic scientist, Dr. J. Lee.
Animetrics Inc. is a leading developer of 3D imaging for facial biometric systems. Utilizing breakthrough technology, Animetrics products solve critical issues associated with facial recognition including variations in pose and lighting. Powered by the Animetrics90 family of SDKs, the company's core algorithms are comprised of five patent-pending technologies that form the basis for next-generation 3-dimensional facial recognition applications. Animetrics is driving market acceptance of facial recognition biometrics in government, homeland security and law enforcement applications. Animetrics is headquartered in Conway, N.H. For more information visit www.animetrics.com
NISI, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation is located in Seoul, South Korea. NISI examines physical evidence submitted from all Korean police agencies, the prosecutor's office, courts and government agencies and provides expert court testimony on the results of its forensic examinations. Visit www.nisi.go.kr


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