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CONWAY, NH/JACKSONVILLE, FL - March 27, 2008 - Animetrics, Inc. and Duos Technologies, Inc. have announced a strategic technology and marketing partnership that will feature Animetrics' core software engine for the process of facial recognition in Duos applications and solutions.

Duos Technologies provides a broad range of sophisticated technology solutions with an emphasis on the physical and logical protection of critical infrastructure. Duos will employ Animetrics "2Dto3D" face biometrics technology in its ongoing development of gateway applications for its proprietary video analytics.

"Animetrics brings a new level of accuracy to the process of facial identification, one of the more challenging tasks in a video security application," said Gianni Arcaini, Chairman and CEO of Duos. "When we integrate Animetrics' core products into our existing systems, we can provide our customers with a comprehensive security solution that includes the technology to identify persons of interest in an uncontrolled or non-compliant security environment."

Paul Schuepp, CEO of Animetrics, stated, "Duos is a great solutions partner for Animetrics, offering our technology worldwide to the most demanding customers and expanding the application of intelligent security systems."

Duos Technologies Inc., headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, offers an array of systems based on its proprietary object detection and behavioral analysis software, managed by the company's multi-layer control platform. This allows seamless integration of a myriad of sensing technologies into a unified command and control interface. Its comprehensive automated systems play a meaningful role in Homeland Security applications, and in the transportation, petrochemical, and healthcare industries.

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