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i-Fashion Chooses Animetrics® GotFACE™ 2Dto3D Face Creation For Innovative Virtual Shopping Animetrics 2Dto3D Face Creation Technology Will Enhance Shopping Experience in the Virtual Reality Fashion Stores

Seoul, South Korea - June 4, 2008 - Animetrics today announced that i-Fashion Technology Center has chosen Animetrics GotFACE 2Dto3D technology for iFashion’s virtual shopping service. The new product will be commercially available in both internet online and offline in-store applications. iFashion displays in 3D a virtual image of shoppers’ body and face to see how clothing fits and looks on their virtual avatar.
Animetrics GotFACE will quickly and easily create realistic 3D models of faces after a consumer either scans in or uploads a photograph or has one taken at an i-Fashion booth located at a retail store. Animetrics GotFACE will provide end users with a simple interface and tools for stylization such as hair and texture manipulation, making it possible for the avatar to closely resemble the customer.
i-Fashion’s service will enable online and brick and mortar retailers to increase sales, lower product returns and speed up the selling process. Said Dr. Chang Kyu Park, Director of the i-Fashion Technology Center, "We see this technology as being an enabler for faster, cheaper and a more enjoyable shopping experience. Consumers really like the accuracy and look of their avatar virtual body. Animetrics personalizes the entire customer experience with a beautiful 3D visualization of their face. " "The ease of use and implementation of Animetrics GotFACE was a key factor in why i-Fashion purchased this product over the competition. Animetrics 2Dto3D avatar generation is faster and more accurate than anything else on the market today." stated Paul Schuepp, Animetrics CEO.
About iFashion Technology Center
The i-Fashion Technology Center is located at Konkuk University, Seoul Korea. The letter "i" from i-Fashion emphasizes the "IT" component of the company, and represents commitment to customer-oriented fashion. i-Fashion is seeking to create a new knowledge-intensive value added process not previously seen in fashion, and is doing so using IT-related technologies, such as a 3D body scanner, 3D avatar, virtual wearing, virtual reality, RFID communication, DID (Digital Information Display), and DTP (DigitalTextile Printing). For more information: www.ifashion.or.kr/en/index.html
About Animetrics
Animetrics Inc. is a leading developer of 3D imaging for facial biometrics used in face recognition security applications and face creation virtual imaging. Powered by Animetrics90 FACEngine® the company’s core algorithms are comprised of five patents-pending forming the basis for next-generation 3-dimensional facial imagery applications. Given the accuracy of its 2D to 3D technology, Animetrics is driving market acceptance of facial recognition biometrics in government, homeland security and law enforcement applications and face creation in consumer 3D virtual worlds and social networking. Animetrics is headquartered in Conway, N.H. For more information: www.animetrics.com


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