Animetrics90 Product Family Overview

Accurate facial recognition, analysis and visualization from any available image or video source is the primary goal of the Animetrics90 family of products. If your application requires precision facial analysis and the capability to identify people under a broad variety of uncontrollable situations, or if you need advanced 3D tools for modifying or creating facial imagery, Animetrics90 has the functionality and flexibilty to address your solution needs.
Animetrics90 is available to application solutions providers as one of four software development kits:
FaceWatch SDK - Provides the most powerful and flexible platform for enhancing surveillance systems and applications where it is desirable to perform facial identification against watchlists. Typical facial identification systems are limited by their reliance on technologies which do not inherently comprehend the face as a three-dimensional object. Animetrics90 FaceWatch leverages Animetrics' 2D-3D technologies to identify people at a distance without their interaction with the facial recognition system. This means integration with existing surveillance camera deployments, the use of lower resolution handheld cameras, or even the use of common cell phone cameras can all be employed by FaceWatch.
FaceAccess SDK - Uses the same technologies as our identification system to provide the most robust and flexible secure access identity verification solution possible. Using common USB cameras for logical access or conventional video cameras for physical access, Animetrics90 FaceAccess delivers automated secure access control to your identity management infrastructure.
FaceSearch SDK - Designed to integrate with existing database and search tools to help automate the correlation of individuals with events and locations. It is now as simple as providing a few images to the database system and instructing Animetrics90 FaceSearch to return the most similar candidates to create relationships between faces, times and locations.
Forensica SDK - Delivers Animetrics' innovative technologies in a packaged end user application for generating biometrically and anatomically accurate 3D models of faces. Using normal images, it is now simple and quick to generate a high resolution model of a face and create photorealistic images for any application. FORENSICA is in use by missing children's agencies and law enforcement, and has been used by the television industry to provide unprecedented images and content.
Whether you need a solution for providing an access system using existing video equipment, need to automatically identify people banned from a building or facility, deploy transparent tools to identify suspects off a watchlist for security guards or police officers using a common cell phone, or enhance and manipulate facial imagery in new and powerful ways, the Animetrics90 product family provides powerful solution.

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