FACEngine® Product Family Overview

Animetrics' FACEngine Product Family is a set of software developer kits (SDKs) based on 3-Dimensional imaging and analysis. Utilizing breakthrough technology, the FACEngine product family solves critical problems associated with facial recognition today, addressing variations in pose, lighting and eventually facial expressions. Border control, airport security, digital video surveillance, video analytics, law enforcement ID and mugshot applications, physical access, user access, and entertainment are applicable market opportunities for FACEngine.
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The FACEngine architecture allows it to be easily integrated with security applications or government systems integrator projects. FACEngine SDKs serve as "building blocks" for facial biometric applications and are leveraged in Animetrics FACEngine Forensica and FACEngine ID. Animetrics underlying technologies and algorithms form the basis of the FACEngine SDKs.
The FACEngine Product Family includes the following SDKs:
FACEngine Forensica - "Solves faces" by generating a 3D avatar from 2D photographs. COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE NOW!
FACEngine ID - Face recognition system for uncontrolled environments (pose, lighting) based on 2D-3D-2D technology. COMING SOON!
FACEngine SetPose - returns a portrait taken at any angle to a frontal pose or ANY other desired orientation. COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE NOW!
* Animetrics core algorithms are based on three patent-pending technologies based on Dr. Michael I. Miller's pioneering work over the past decade in the field of image analysis. Dr. Miller currently leads the Center for Imaging Science at the Johns Hopkins University.

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