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Animetrics offers FaceR™ CredentialME service on Sprint 3G and 4G networks

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Conway, NH (August 12, 2010) – Animetrics, Inc, developer of next generation 3D imaging technologies for facial biometric systems today announced that they have begun offering the FaceR CredentialME, an authentication service for devices running various operating systems including Android, Windows Mobile and RIM. This application turns mobile handsets into two factor facial biometric authenticating devices. The launch of the FaceR CredentialME application on the Sprint 3G network and Sprint 4G, the first and only wireless 4G network from a national carrier, is in conjunction with, Troy Security Solutions, an Animetrics Application Solution Provider specializing in securing the mobile enterprise with cutting-edge products and solutions.

“As mobile devices become the favored way for communicating, social networking, financial transactions and accessing new media content, the need for enhanced logon and transaction security is greater than ever”, said Joel Breen, Vice President of Animetrics. FaceR CredentialME provides Sprint business customers the tools to secure their mobile systems via a wireless connection to a cloud-based security solution built to thwart efforts of hackers and identity thieves. FaceR CredentialME is based on Animetrics patented 2D-3D FACEngine® Facial Recognition technology. It enables a handset to use Facial Recognition as a primary or second-factor authentication when accessing resident or online services, such as enterprise email, corporate networks and mobile banking. “The FaceR CredentialME application adds an additional layer of security to standard username and password authentication by requiring the user to authenticate leveraging a very unique factor; their face,” said Paul Troisi, President of Troy Security Solutions. The FaceR CredentialME application supports multiple mobile operating systems, including iPhone, Blackberry RIM, Windows Mobile, and Android. Animetrics is announcing the release of their technology through Sprint’s networks. The FaceR CredentialME release also means that developers can now use the Animetrics90 Mobile software developer kit (SDK) to embed strong authentication into mobile applications such as email, financial data, mobile banking and mobile payments.