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SAIC chosen as one of the prime contractors for the BOSS BAA

The DoD Biometric Fusion Center has been quite active.   We were very please to see SAIC chosen as one of the prime contractors for this BAA and Animetrics is part of the SAIC team.   Upcoming BFC events are significant for the industry movement including the 2009 Annual Biometrics and Forensics Summit, to be held May 12-14 in San Diego, CA. Hosted by the TRADOC Capability Manager for Biometrics and Forensics, and co-hosted by the Biometrics Task Force, the Annual Biometrics Summit is for all DoD entities utilizing Biometrics and Forensics technology.

The theme is Biometrics and Forensics in a Time of Uncertainty. The conference objective is to discuss and capture biometrics and forensics concepts, doctrines, Operational, and Research and Development requirements from various Army and DoD Centers of Excellence to inform TRADOC’s collaborative Combat Developments and DoD’s Joint Capabilities Based Assessment processes.  Come visit this event and please come to the Animetrics exhibit.  2D to 3D technology is now in the Army BAT.

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