Advanced Investigative Facial Recognition Solution

Law enforcement officials, forensic investigators and security personnel have a pressing need to resolve suspects' identities from any kind of photographic evidence that captures an image of a suspects face including video surveillance cameras. ForensicaGPS, the new biometric solution from Animetrics, allows officers to identify individuals from low-resolution photos or video. ForensicaGPS features advanced facial recognition technology designed to increase the speed and enhance the accuracy of criminal investigations.

Application Screenshot

2D-to-3D Facial-Image Transformation

The key to ForensicaGPS' accuracy is the software's ability to convert two-dimensional facial images into three-dimensional avatars that can be rotated and viewed from any angle.

To achieve a highly accurate "ID Ready" 3D rendering of facial images, ForensicaGPS uses Animetrics' powerful and patented FACEngineTM technology. FACEngine employs highly sophisticated mathematical algorithms and applies a unique deformation-smoothing process to 2D facial images, transforming them into metrically precise and fully structured 3D avatars.

Advanced creation and enhancement tools give investigators the ability to correct suspect poses and fill in facial details difficult to perceive in the original images. This facilitates the output of a corrected "ID Ready" image for visual identification or inclusion in Animetrics' FaceR Identity Management Systems (FIMS) or third-party face-recognition applications.

Powerful Comparative and Analysis Tools Enhance Speed and Accuracy of Criminal investigations

ForensicaGPS utilizes breakthrough forensic comparative and analysis tools in both 2D and 3D to help resolve the identities of suspects face. The biometric application uses global coordinate system (x,y to x,y,z synchronization) for precise comparative analysis of facial features including scars, moles, tattoos, and distance measurements between facial features. Up to five images of each subject can be compared to other facial images.

The software also features controls for metric analysis with similarity scoring, as well as 2D or 3D visualization of facial structure, geometry and texture. By using two subjects, dual 3D models are created, allowing both visual and metrical comparisons.

The package also allows in-context mapping of 2D coordinates to fit three dimensions, allowing final 3D images to be viewed at any angle.

All 3D models created in the system can also be manipulated for accurate comparisons. The images can be rotated in any plane-or used to create a wireframe avatar and overlaid on a second image for comparison.

For fast and accurate and fast face identity resolution in criminal investigations, law enforcement professionals use ForensicaGPS.