AnimetricsFR SDK

Available for Windows and Linux. There are 2 separate facial recognition engines

  1. The Embedded Engine, which is fast, works best with strict frontal images, and is designed to run on systems with minimal hardware specifications.

  2. The Main Engine, which has higher facial recognition performance especially for off pose and uncontrolled imagery, but requires more processing time to generate biometric templates.

There are 4 main interface classes (FRImage, FRDetector, FREnrollment, and FRMatcher) which support face finding (FRDetector), feature point detection including eyes and other features (FRDetector), pose detection and correction (FRDetector), and face recognition including gallery database management (FREnrollment and FRMatcher). The Main engine also supports low level access to face recognition through 2 global functions (generateTemplate and similarityForQueries), allowing the client to store and manage biometric templates as desired.

The SDK is available as a C++ shared library or via a corresponding Java SDK (jar archive which depends on the native C++ libraries). There are example projects in the cppclient and javaclient directories which demonstrate use of the library from C++ and Java, respectively. Detailed documentation on the API can be found in the cppdocs folder. Note, javadoc is provided only for class specifications. Since the java interface mirrors the C++ interface directly, the C++ documentation serves as a detailed reference for the Java API as well.

Setpose SDK

Pose normalization and gallery generation of facial images.