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Animetrics is joining the App Store

We just  submitted our first app to the Apple App Store for approval. This is the first major milestone for our burgeoning Consumer Division.  The app we have submitted is the first of our FaceR series of applications, FaceR Celebrity.  Once our application is approved users will be able to download the free application and provide a simple and entertaining way to find which celebrities they most closely resemble. While other applications make similar promises only FaceR Celebrity yields proven Animetrics results with out patented technology.

We are bringing the power  of our next generation facial recognition platform to our Consumer applications, and FaceR Celebrity is just the start.

Fingers crossed for a swift approval process!

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  1. 3D seems like its here to stay. An it’s only going to get better, and having it on a phone is something that has to be seen to be believed. Any opinions on sharps new 3d smartphone? Seems like its something that could become popular. or at least have a huge impact on the phone industry. It may appeal to a certain market but I think usability will still overcome any extra gimmicks like this.

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