FaceR™ MobileID

Advanced 3D Facial Recognition Made Mobile

FaceR™ MobileID by Animetrics puts the power of three-dimensional facial recognition and identity resolution on mobile devices. Developed to address the unique needs of military, intelligence, homeland security and law enforcement personnel, MobileID leverages the on-board resources of smartphones, digital cameras and other hand-held devices to provide accurate digital identification technology in the field, where it is managed by Animetrics’ scalable FaceR Identity Management Solution (FIMS) platform.

With MobileID, personnel can photograph subjects, check watch lists and gather images in real-time, an essential need for military, police and other investigative units in the field.

Powerful Facial Identity Management - Simple Operation

Easy to install and operate, Animetrics’ MobileID functions like other mobile applications on both Apple’s iOS for iPhone or the Android operating system. The applications  connects field agents to FIMS, a comprehensive facial-recognition platform that provides centralized management and advanced recognition services including full search, matching and access to multiple subject databases (including watch lists).

FaceR MobileID application with FIMS supports one-to-many facial comparisons and identifications. The app can be customized to provide a detailed description pertaining to a subject’s identity based on relevant stored metadata and other factors.

MobileID Features

  • Flexible & Mobile Deployment Options
    • Easy-to-use facial search platform for remote and field personnel
    • Functions in 3G/4G, and Wi-Fi environments.
  • Scalable Database  - Leverages existing photo databases or new galleries can be created.
  • Customized - Can be customized to support linking additional information to identified photo.
  • Simple - Deployment is quick, efficient and uncomplicated.

Technical Specifications

  • Mobile Platforms - Application available for iPhone iOS or Android OS.
  • Range - Subject can be 1-foot to 10-feet away.
  • Core Technology - Patented FACEngine™ 2D-to-3D facial-recognition
  • Scalable  - Unlimited gallery size.
  • Broad Database Support - Supports multiple watch lists.
  • Advanced Facial Biometric Features
    • Supports one-to-many identification,
    • Frontal face biometric including +45 to -45 degrees (y-axis) pose.