ID-Ready™ 2D to 3D Pose Correction Online Service

ID-Ready 2D to 3D pose correction face softwareMost facial recognition systems require photos to be a frontal view of the face in order to make a match. Rotated, or “off pose” facial photos are by and large the norm coming from security cameras, random snapshots, or telephoto surveillance photos. This type of uncontrolled facial imagery makes the use of face recognition systems impractical because of the poor matching results or no results that occur.

ID-Ready 2D to 3D pose correction face software



Animetrics ID-Ready™ provides a quick and easy mechanism to accomplish face rotation/pose-correction, namely rotating and normalizing 2D faces, making them ID-Ready for just about any facial recognition system.

Boost any FR system performance by 25 to 100% for all off frontal angulated facial images!