Leadership Team

Animetrics is comprised of a small group of engineers and scientists who are leading software developers building performing biometric applications, imaging technology, biomedical engineering, web services for SaaS, mobile computing and cloud computing.

Dr. Michael I. Miller - Chairman of the Board and Founder
Dr. Miller founded Animetrics in 2002, applying his imaging technology innovations to facial biometrics. He is a recognized leader in the areas of image understanding, pattern theory, computer vision and medical imaging. In addition, he has helped pioneer the field of computational anatomy.

In 2002, Dr. Miller was recognized by ISI Essential Science Indicators for citations in the field of engineering. One year earlier, he was named International Man of the Year for his contributions to science by Cambridge Biographical. In 1986, Dr. Miller was one of 100 young scientists selected by the National Science Foundation for a Presidential Award recognizing their promise for the future advancement of American Science.

Dr. Miller has authored over 100 peer-reviewed articles in his areas of expertise. He is currently the Seder Professor of Biomedical Engineering and the Director of Imaging Science at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Miller is a member of FISWG, the Facial Identification Scientific Working Group, www.fiswg.org. This organization of international experts from law enforcement, FBI, DOD and DHS is setting standards for face recognition and identification.

Paul Schuepp - Chief Executive Officer and President
Mr. Schuepp joined Animetrics in 2003 to lead the firm’s transition from a pure technology company to the leading provider of facial biometric solutions it is  today. Mr. Schuepp has 30 years of experience in information technology and telecom, primarily in sales and business development. He has an impressive track record of developing new business channels for high-tech products and international sales at companies such as Snowshore Networks (now Dialogic), Lucent Technologies and Ascend Communications (now Lucent Alcatel), Stratus Computer and IBM.

Mr. Schuepp is a frequent guest speaker at biometric forums and events and currently serves on the board of trustees for the New Hampshire High Technology Council.

As Animetrics’ CEO and president, Mr. Schuepp is responsible for the overall business strategy and growth of the company.

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Dr. Marc A. Vaillant - Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer
Dr. Marc Vaillant serves as Animetrics’ Chief Strategy Officer and is responsible for driving the development, delivery and evolution of Animetrics’ facial biometric solutions - the company’s growing portfolio of advanced 3D facial recognition, facial identity management and identity resolution technology, applications and Cloud-based services. Dr. Vaillant is responsible for working with CEO Paul Schuepp to conceive, communicate, implement and sustain Animetrics strategic initiatives and drive growth across the organization.

An applied mathematician and software architect, Dr. Vaillant has spent 10 years developing desktop applications in C++, as well as SOAP and RESTful web services in C++ and PHP. Dr. Vaillant also has five years of experience developing mobile iOS and Android applications in Objective-C and Java respectively.

Dr. Vaillant joined Animetrics after completing his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, where he developed diffeomorphometry for the study of 2-dimensional surface manifolds (embedded in 3D) in Computational Anatomy via geometric currents. This theory forms the core basis of the Animetrics patented 2D-3D family of technologies. As the lead architect for Animetrics, Dr. Vaillant designed and led the implementation of the company’s facial biometric cloud services architecture (FIMS Cloud) built around modern horizontal scaling principles for high throughput load handling (web farming, FastCGI, real-time map reduce via Storm) and large scale parallel database searching (MongoDB, Storm). Most recently, Dr. Vaillant led the Animetrics team with the first implementation of real-time map-reduce facial recognition web service solutions via Twitter’s Storm.