Animetrics Webinar: Investigative Face Recognition for Law Enforcement

With the FBI’s recent announcement that the federal agency will soon make facial recognition tools available to police departments across the country, facial biometrics technology is gaining recognition as a critical new weapon in the crime-fighting toolbox.

JOIN Animetrics’ face biometrics experts on Thursday, March 21 at 1:00pm ET for a FREE webinar exploring investigative face recognition technology and the growing number of face biometric applications and solutions now available for law enforcement.

Program topics include:

  • Complete face recognition database solutions for police departments, law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities
  • Mobile facial recognition apps for police on patrol
  • Investigative facial biometrics comparison, analysis and image tools for detectives and forensics analysts
  • Face recognition applications for access control and security at corrections facilities, jails and prisons

This 45-minute program will also feature live demos of Animetrics’ portfolio of investigative face biometrics applications and solutions:

  • FaceR™ Identity Management Solution (FIMS): Animetrics’ powerful cloud-based face recognition platform for transforming, analyzing, comparing and managing suspect images. Features Animetrics’ unique 2D to 3D technology, which converts flat images into rotatable avatars for advanced biometric analysis and quick, accurate identity resolution.
  • FaceR™ MobileID: Animetrics’ solution for mobile devices, developed to address the unique needs of police, military, intelligence and homeland security personnel in the field. Leverages the resources of smartphones, digital cameras and other hand-held devices to provide quick and accurate facial identification, in concert with the FIMS platform.
  • ForensicaGPS: Utilizing Animetrics’ powerful patented FACEngine™ technology,  Forensica enhances challenging, low-quality and low-res surveillance photos and video stills, “pose correcting” faces in profile and filling in obscured and shadowed faces to make images “ID Ready” for accurate database comparison.

This session is open to all law enforcement professionals,including police, detectives, corrections officers and security officials– those whose jobs rely on the fast and accurate identification of potential suspects, inmates and associates.


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