View Systems, Inc. and Animetrics Partner to Deliver New Generation of Security and Surveillance Systems with 3D Facial Recognition Technology

View Systems, Inc. to integrate Animetrics’ FaceR identity management system and FaceR applications within ViewScan concealed weapons detection system

Baltimore Md. and Conway, N.H. (August 9, 2012) - Animetrics, a leading developer of advanced 3D facial recognition and identity management solutions, announced today a partnership with security and surveillance systems solutions provider View Systems, Inc. Under terms of the agreement, View Systems will integrate Animetrics’ next-generation 3D facial recognition technology into its concealed weapons detection systems used for security screening at correctional facilities, stadiums, courthouses, schools, stadiums and other public facilities.

Utilizing Animetrics’ 3D facial recognition technology will provide a new layer of enhanced intelligent screening capabilities for View Systems’ ViewScan weapons detection systems, allowing security personnel to utilize nonintrusive facial biometrics screening, analysis and identity verification within the solution. In combination with proprietary Views Systems technology for locating concealed weapons, the new system will be able to alert security personnel to immediate and potential threats in real time.

“By using the advanced 3D facial recognition features of Animetrics technology, and through immediate integration with existing databases, the new systems provide a whole new level of security for both public arenas and high-level secure installations,” said Gunther Than, CEO of View Systems. “And the systems remain affordable, an important consideration as public venues of all kinds enhance their own security. By partnering with Animetrics, View Systems can deliver a robust security screening system that utilizes best-in-class 3D facial recognition technology.”

Paul Schuepp, president and CEO of Animetrics commented, “Our partnership with View Systems will accelerate Animetrics facial biometric solutions use and acceptance in the commercial and enterprise market. View Systems solves real life problems and threats with their innovative products that are now widely deployed.”

View System’s Concealed Weapons Detector (CWD) is a walk-through portal which uses advanced magnetics technology to accurately pinpoint threat objects on a visual image of the subject. ViewScan uses advanced magnetic technology to visually locate threat objects on its video image. The system is sensitive enough to locate items such as hidden razor blades and cellular phones, but will ignore common objects such as coins, keys, and belt buckles. ViewScan portals are currently in use at leading correctional facilities, schools, arenas and stadiums, government agencies and courthouses facilities throughout the United States.

Their initial objective is to integrate Animetrics facial identity management software onto View System’s ViewScan, incorporating next generation facial recognition and investigative face biometric capabilities into this weapons detection and identification system. ViewSystem also plans to utilize Animetrics’ cloud-based FaceR™ Identity Management System (FIMS cloud) and its suite of FaceR facial biometric identity and screening applications – including FaceR Mobile ID, FaceR Credential Me and ForensicaGPS – across its entire portfolio of security and surveillance systems and applications.

About View Systems

View Systems Inc. provides security and surveillance products to law enforcement facilities such as correctional institutions as well as to government agencies, schools, courthouses, event and sports venues, the military and commercial businesses. View Systems’ products are used by commercial businesses and residential consumers wishing to monitor their assets and limit their liability. As your needs grow and change, View Systems will be your security solutions provider. For more information, visit

About Animetrics
Headquartered in Conway, N.H., Animetrics is a leading developer of advanced face recognition applications and face identity management solutions, which are driving market acceptance of next generation facial biometrics in government, homeland security and law enforcement. Animetrics’ patented technology features FACEngine®, the advanced facial recognition engine behind all of Animetrics’ facial biometric solutions. FACEngine dynamically renders accurate and useful 3D avatars from 2D images and video, even if the facial images are not “static” or “straight on.” Animetrics’ technology also features FIMS™ Cloud, the first come-to-market, cloud-based web facial identity management solution for fast accurate search, retrieval, analysis and storage of facial images enabling the fast and precise facial recognition across a broad range of operating conditions and deployment environments. Animetrics products include face recognition and identity management applications called FaceR™ - FaceR MobileID, FaceR CredentialME and its FaceR Identity Management Solution; an investigative facial identity comparison application, ForensicaGPS™: and a face recognition SDK for application developers. For more information, visit

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